During the seven years with IBM, I had the opportunity to work in many technical and sales positions, always covering the large Brazilian Financial Services segment.

As a Client Representative of Itaú Bank account, one of the largest accounts at IBM Brazil, I had the responsibility to leverage products and solutions through executive relationship. Spreading IBM message to high level IT executives with deep knowledge demanded strong technical expertise as well as a very good articulation in order to meet their expectations. To accomplish that, the company provided me with training and field experience.

Some of the products and solutions I leveraged included Mainframes, AS400, Risc, PCs, banking automation, network management, Data warehouse, CRM, Risk Management, etc.

The experience acquired working with large account projects provided me with a wide perspective of banking operations, while the banks pursued their financial and market objectives using the latest available technology in order to obtain time to market offers, customer retention and growth by means of new products and state of the art services.

Later I began to work as a Product Specialist at the new IBM PC organization in Brazil. During this period of innovation and changes at IBM, I was able to work with partners, channels and marketing, helping in the sales structure to represent the new product line.

This was the beginning of the IBM Brazil channels model. Leveraging the channels model to fit the large accounts needs and to effectively sell to them were my objectives during this two year period.