sun_logo__white (1)Worked as Account Manager at Sun for seven and a half years. My job was to manage large Financial Services Accounts and small / medium Territories.

I was one of the former members of the Financial Services Sales Team and was responsible for selling Sun hardware, software, services and solutions.

Sun’s sales model is channel oriented, and it is part of my job to fulfill customer needs through the local channels and to be able to coordinate their efforts in order to be profitable and grow with Sun. Driving the channel expertise to specific customer needs is the way to help them add value to the sales chain and be recognized as a business partner and trusted adviser.Customers such as CEF, Banco do Brasil, Banco Itaú, ABN, Santander, Bovespa, BMF, Bank Boston and Bradesco, among others have been part of my sales territory. During these years I have developed business in many different areas with each of those customers. The installed base of Sun on the Financial Services territory is in great part a professional and personal achievement for me, considering that the first sales in the segment were executed under my account management.